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Tips To Prevent Caravan Theft

How To Prevent Caravan TheftAustralia has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft in the western world. There are almost 100,000 vehicles stolen each year, including an estimated 500 caravans.

One of the latest caravan thefts caught on camera was only 10km away from our store in Dandenong South! The thieves reversed a Holden SUV into the driveway of a home on Palm Beach Drive in the early hours of January 17th. They hooked up a Crusader Excalibur before fleeing the scene.. Inside the caravan were a number of personal and valuable items.

Protecting your caravan from theft is crucial for ensuring its safety and your peace of mind. We combined our Top 5 Tips including favourite Security Devices to keep your Caravan and belongings safe!

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Top Tips For Caravan Security

Our experts combined some valuable tips to keep your caravan safe from theft. By implementing these proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and protect your valuable investment.

  1. Install Security Devices. There are several types of caravan security devices available to help protect your caravan from theft. Our most popular one is the PlatinumX Gen2 Security System by RV Secure, which is wired into your caravan braking system and connected to the 12V power supply. It includes automatic brakes, an alarm and magnetic door locks when an intruder is detected. Additionally, the PlatinumX is equipped with an infrared sensor inside, separate access door sensors for external hatches, multiple arming modes (night setting off inside, on outside & full coverage), it includes a low voltage battery alarm and a panic switch. Wheel clamps, coupling & hitch locks as well as security handles are also great products to secure your RV.

  2. Store your caravan when not in use. Just like your car, it is best to store your caravan behind locked doors when not in use. Never park your RV in front of your home when not travelling, as it will be very obvious to potential burglars that you’re away when it's gone.

  3. Install a GPS tracking device. GPS tracking devices can be discreetly installed in your caravan, allowing you to track its location in real-time. In the event of theft, these devices can help authorities locate and recover your caravan quickly.

  4. Don't keep valuables in sight. Never leave valuables visible in your car or caravan. Keep them in your home or lock them away in a locked drawer or cupboard, or even a small safe.

  5. Practice vigilance and awareness. Be mindful of your surroundings and take note of any suspicious individuals or vehicles near your caravan. Get to know your neighbours in caravan parks or storage facilities and establish a community watch system. Encourage each other to report any unusual activity promptly.

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