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SOGood: The SOG System!

SOG Systems and Accessories At CaracAt Carac, we're constantly on the lookout for products that make your caravan experience better, easier and more comfortable. One of those products is the SOG Caravan Toilet Ventilation System. It’s probably not the most exciting topic ever, however it is definitely a product worth looking into!

The SOG System eliminates unpleasant odours from the caravan toilet by creating a suction that removes odorous gases from the toilet cassette, then vents them outside the Caravan via an activated carbon filter which helps trap and neutralise these gases before they are vented outside the caravan.

The SOG System is available for all popular Thetford and Dometic cassette toilets. We have an extensive selection of models available to suit your current cassette toilet, including side and floor venting models. The standard side models come with either a black or white door, all designed to complement your existing colour scheme.

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5 Benefits Of A SOG System

In our opinion, there are many reasons to use a SOG ventilation system that improves the quality of your caravan trip, especially for full time caravanning and long trips.

1. Odour Elimination:

The SOG System stops unwanted smells from escaping the toilet bowl and cassette tank, by creating a suction force that vents these smells to the carbon filter outside. This helps maintain a fresh and odour-free environment inside the caravan.

2. Chemical Reduction

Although we would not recommend getting rid of toilet chemicals completely, the SOG Ventilation System minimises the need for chemical additives to control odours. The powerful ventilator and suction effect in the waste holding tank prevents (chemical) smells from entering your bathroom and living areas.

3. Quiet Operation

The SOG System is well known for its quiet operation as the ventilation fan used in the system is designed to operate quietly to minimise disturbance. At 0.43 watts, the power consumption is very low as well.

4. Convenience

No manual operation is required for the SOG Ventilation System. The ventilator is switched on as soon as the blade valve starts to open and is switched off again when the blade valve is closed. Once installed, the SOG System requires minimal maintenance apart from replacing the Activated Carbon Filter approximately every 1 to 2 years under normal usage conditions. 

5. Environmentally Friendly

As the SOG System reduces reliance on chemical additives and promotes efficient waste management, it contributes to a more environmentally friendly camping experience.

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How Do Caravan Ventilation Systems Work?

SOG's work involves a process of ventilation, filtering and odour elimination through a suction mechanism that creates a gentle suction from within the toilet bowl. This prevents odours from lingering around in you caravan. 

Ventilation Fan

 The SOG System includes a small ventilation fan installed in the cassette compartment, powered by a small electric motor. The ventilator is switched on as soon as the blade valve starts to open and is switched off again when the blade valve is closed.

Activated Carbon Filter

The ventilation fan is connected to a tube that leads to an activated carbon filter located outside the caravan. The activated carbon filter helps trap and neutralise odorous gases before they are released outside.

Suction Mechanism

When the toilet is in use, the ventilation fan creates a gentle suction inside the toilet bowl compartment. This suction helps draw air and odours away from the toilet bowl and into the ventilation system.

Odour Elimination

As air is drawn into the ventilation system, the activated carbon filter effectively removes odorous compounds and impurities from the air stream before it is released to the atmosphere. This helps eliminate unpleasant odours associated with toilet use.

When shopping for a SOG System, make sure you have your current toilet model handy. The easiest way is to check your owners manual. For most toilets, you can also find the model number on a data badge located on the bottom of the waste-holding tank and in the waste tank compartment.

We are here to help!

If you need any assistance to determine if the SOG Ventilation System is the right system for you, please feel free to get in touch directly. Contact us on (03) 9794 7977 or visit our store and workshop at 2 Zenith Road, Dandenong South VIC. All the above (and many more) toilet parts are sold, serviced, replaced and installed here at Carac, making Carac the one-stop destination for all your caravan and trailer needs.

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