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Caravan Batteries At Carac

We frequently receive inquiries about caravan batteries and optimising their usage for prolonged efficiency. Caravan batteries require constant maintenance to get the longest life span and the most use out of them. AGM batteries are considered flat at 11.90v and if allowed to drop below that voltage, they will begin to lose their capacity. In fact, they will become smaller in capacity over the number of times that this occurs.

The two best tips for long life AGM lead batteries are;
1. Don't allow your AGM Lead battery to go below 11.90 volts when in use.
2.  While your van is in storage, run your charger once a month for a day to keep it topped up.

For Lithium batteries, the above does not apply, as a lithium battery has a far greater depth of discharge level than an AGM and will simply keep running until that certain level is reached. After that, the Battery Management System inside the battery will simply turn the battery off and recharging is all that is required to restore normal operation. Regular recharging will stop the Battery Management System from turning the battery off so a constant supply will be available.

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Battery Bestsellers

Projecta Battery Charger, 15 amp maximum charge rate, multi stage charger that is Lithium compatible.
Projecta Battery Charger

Redarc BCDC battery charger with 30 amp MPPT solar input included, with up to 25 amp charge rate and is lithium compatible.
Redarc Dual Input 25A In Vehicle DC Battery Charger

The BMPRO Aspero Power Management System is a sophisticated solution designed to efficiently monitor and control power usage in RVs.
BMPRO Aspero Power Management System

The BMPRO Battery Check Pro is a versatile tool engineered to accurately assess the health and performance of batteries.

BMPRO Battery Check Pro


We also carry BCDC chargers and battery chargers in our BMPRO range so we have choices, brands and options to cater for almost all your needs.

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At Carac, we are very privileged that we have such a knowledgeable team of experts working for us. Our team is eager to assist you with any caravan related questions or challenges you may have! Contact us on (03) 9794 7977 or visit our store and workshop at 2 Zenith Road, Dandenong South VIC.

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