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$10 Flat Rate Or $15 Express Shipping EXCLUDING Oversized + WA Orders
$10 Flat Rate Or $15 Express Shipping EXCLUDING Oversized + WA Orders

Electrical at Carac

Electrical at Carac

Carac’s 12 volt and mains electrical range consists of specifically sourced products with quality and reasonable pricing in mind. These products are sold and installed by Carac staff members who have considerable knowledge in solar systems, regulation and battery storage, earned over many years of service and installation.

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Our Team Is Here To Help!

If you would like to know how much solar you require in your caravan to meet your needs or would like to be shown how to calculate that, we can show you.


If you would like to know what is required to set up a mains inverter in your caravan to allow you to use mains appliances while free camping in your caravan, we can explain how.


If you would like to discuss what DC products such as power supply’s / chargers or DCDC converters and inverters are required to achieve your desired result, we can discuss that with you as well.

12V Electrical 240V Electrical Solar Energy

Our Workshop technicians have installed numerous solar systems over the years, ranging from single solar panel setups to enough panels and batteries to run air conditioning full time.

Come in and see us, we will be more than happy to examine your existing caravan set up and advise if the upgrade you have in mind can be achieved, you may be surprised, what can be done!

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Visit us at 2 Zenith Rd, Dandenong South, VIC 3175


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