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Cruisemaster Coupling Review

Cruisemaster Couplings Reviewed

The Cruisemaster DO35 hitch, available with or without handbrake, and the heavier-duty DO45, are specialised towing accessories designed for caravan enthusiasts, particularly suited to the diverse Australian terrain. This review will provide a clear and concise overview, focusing on how the features of the DO35 and DO45 Hitches translate into tangible benefits for people caravanning or towing heavy loads.

Product Features

Model Variants (DO35 R, I, and DO45): The DO35 hitch comes in two main models: the R and the I. The I model has a handbrake attached to the hitch  (I=Integrated Handbrake), while the R model (R=Removed Handbrake) is notable for allowing a handbrake to be attached further back on the A-frame, catering to various caravan setups. Meanwhile, the DO45 is tailored for larger caravans with a weight capacity of up to four and a half tons. This diversity in models ensures that users can select a hitch that best fits their caravan's size and weight requirements.

DO35 - with and without handbrake



DO45 - with and without handbrake


Articulation Capability: A standout feature of the DO35 is its ability to articulate fully, both horizontally and vertically. This design allows for a complete 360-degree rotation, which is particularly advantageous when navigating through rough or uneven terrain. In a worse case scenario the 360 degree roll articulation provides additional safety in a roll over situation. Allowing the caravan/trailer to roll without dragging the vehicle over with it.  Offering  more opportunity for the vehicle passengers to remain in a safe position with the vehicle remaining upright. Such a feature is essential for ensuring smooth manoeuvrability, especially in off-road conditions or when traversing corrugated dirt tracks.

Australian Design and Patent: Cruisemaster (then Vehicle Components) was established in Australia in 1977 and they released the first variation of All-Terrain Coupling in 2002. The DO35's design and patent being entirely Australian is a significant aspect, as this local focus ensures that the hitch is specifically tailored to meet the challenges of the Australian landscape, from its dusty outbacks to rugged coastal tracks. 

High-Tech Construction and Durability: Recognized for its high-tech construction, the DO35 is built to endure the rigours of frequent and heavy-duty use. This durability is crucial for caravan owners who regularly venture into challenging environments and require equipment that can withstand such conditions. Cruisemaster products are heavily tested during their yearly R.A.T Run Trips, which stands for Remote Area Testing. These R.A.T Runs ensure that all Cruisemaster products can withstand the rough Australian landscapes.

Security with Custom Pin Locks: Considering the value of caravans, the hitch's compatibility with specially designed pin locks is a vital feature. These locks are engineered to deter theft, providing an extra layer of security for the caravan and peace of mind for the owner.

Maintenance-Friendly Design: The inclusion of a grease knuckle and a dust cap in the DO35's design facilitates easy maintenance. Regular greasing ensures the hitch's longevity, while the dust cap keeps debris out, maintaining the hitch’s operational efficiency. Use of poly and acetal bushes throughout the coupling results in no metal on metal contact throughout the unit resulting in less wear and tear as well as less towing noise.

The DO35 and DO45 hitches are more than just towing accessories; they are integral components for anyone serious about caravan travel in Australia. Their design caters specifically to the needs and challenges faced by caravan owners, offering enhanced manoeuvrability, durability, and security. 

These features, combined with the ease of maintenance, make the DO35 and DO45 hitches an excellent choice for those seeking reliable, high-quality equipment for their outdoor adventures. With these hitches, caravan enthusiasts can confidently explore the diverse Australian landscape, knowing their towing needs are comprehensively addressed.

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