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Our Top 5 Anchor Solutions

 Our Top 5 Outback Tracks Anchoring Products

We love Australian businesses and we love products that make your next caravan and camping adventure a safer one! That is why Outback Tracks is one of our favourite suppliers. All products invented and created by Outback Tracks come from a personal need to make Caravanning and Camping safer and more comfortable. We compiled our Top 5 best selling anchoring solutions, which you can find below.

 Ash LOVES Outback Tracks Products

1. Rollout Awning Anchor Kit

Awnings can be fragile when not anchored in properly. Luckily, securing your awning has never been easier, than with an Outback Tracks Rollout Awning Anchor Kit. This Anchor Kit is an all-in-one awning anchoring solution that comes with everything you need to keep your awning safe and secure.

The Outback Tracks Ground Dog screw in pegs included in this kit are some of the best quality pegs we ever came across, resulting in a safe and sturdy anchoring solution! We also like that the 19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor for the pegs is included in the kit, making it nice and easy to get the pegs in the ground. The quality canvas bag keeps everything together so you don’t lose any parts.

Included in the Rollout Awning Anchor Kit:

  • 4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Wing Collars
  • 2 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Hook Collars
  • 2 x Awning Anchor Plates
  • 2 x High Viz Tie Down Straps
  • 2 x Safety Springs
  • 4 x Awning Hooks
  • 1 x 19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor
  • 1 x Canvas Bag

The thing we like about it the most is that it can be used in various ways, allowing you to choose from various anchoring options:

  • Keep both awning legs attached to the van for quick and easy setup.
  • Properly anchor both awning legs to ensure stability and full awning deployment.
  • Use one vertical leg while leaving the other attached to the van, providing a convenient walkway to the front of your caravan.

With this kit, you'll have the flexibility to set up your caravan awning just the way you want it.

>> Buy Roll Out Awning Anchor Kit <<

>> Buy Awning Tie Down Kit T/S Fiamma & Thule Awnings <<


2. Ground Dog screw in Pegs with hook collar 

Available in single pack and popular 10 pack.

Made from high quality marine grade (=no rust!) stainless steel, these screw-in pegs are perfect for securing your caravan awnings, tents, gazebos, and in any situation where a reliable anchor is essential. They are designed to be used in a wide range of ground types from the hardest ground, through to sandy grass covered soil and they stay in so much better than your average tent peg. Ground Dog Screw in pegs are all about strength, safety, and ease of use and they are a true life changer for everyone who owns a caravan, motorhome, camper trailer or tent.


The Ground Dog screw-in pegs are 250mm long and have a 19mm hex head, which is the same size as your stabiliser legs. The thread stops 20mm from the hex head to allow the collar to rotate to the correct position. The ability to use a drill to screw the pegs into the ground makes it easy and quick to set up, and pack away camp.

Ground Dog Screw In Peg With Drill

The high-visible hook collar stands out and acts like a locking device as well. This means that when you don’t get the entire screw into the ground, you can easily wind down that wing lock until it locks into place.

The Ground Dog Screw in pegs by Outback Tracks come in a single pack and a ten pack. We also sell a nice Canvas Zip Bag to store your Ground Dog Pegs and other bits and pieces.

>> Buy 1 Pack Ground Dog Screw in Pegs <<

>> Buy 10 Pack Ground Dog Screw in Pegs <<


3. Ground Puppy Screw in Mat Pegs

The Ground Puppy screw in mat Pegs are slightly shorter than the Ground Dog Pegs and designed to hold ground mats securely into place. Once you have tried these pegs, you will never use standard tent pegs again.


Each Ground Puppy screw in mat peg is a sturdy 120mm stainless steel screw-in peg, ideal to suit ground sheets with 10-12mm eyelets. What sets it apart is the distinctive paw-shaped orange cap, thoughtfully designed to prevent painful toe stubs. It is bright orange and shaped like a puppy paw to encourage the kids to help when setting up camp.

Ground Puppy Screw In Mat Peg

These Ground Puppy Pegs come with an aggressive thread, self-drilling tip, 19mm head and bright orange cap, which we sell as a spare part as well. You can use the caravan stabiliser leg hand crank to screw in the pegs if you do not have a drill handy.

With Ground Puppy screw in mat pegs, you can keep your outdoor setup secure and your toes safe while enjoying your caravan or camping experience.

>> Buy Ground Puppy Screw Pegs <<


4. Safety Spring

Don't let your holiday get spoiled by painful toe and foot injuries from sharp metal springs. This innovative spring by Outback Tracks is made from a strong and durable rubber, designed to offer a safer and more reliable option compared to traditional metal camping springs, which can be dangerous.

The Safety Spring is particularly useful in situations where a little ‘give’ is needed. Its unique figure 8 design allows you to secure a High Visibility Tie Down Strap to one loop while attaching the second loop to the Hook Collar of the Ground Dog screw-in peg. This practical combination enhances stability and safety during your caravanning adventures.

The Outback Tracks Safety Spring has a diameter of 12 mm, making it 180mm long. Two of these Safety Springs are included in the Rollout Awning Anchor Kit and Awning Tie Down Kit to suit Fiamma and Thule Awnings.

>> Buy Safety Spring <<


5. Pet Restraint Kit

When you want to keep your dog safely secured in one spot during your caravan travels, the Pet Restraint Kit is your solution. This kit includes the reliable stainless steel Ground Dog screw-in peg, complete with a hook collar, and the rubber safety spring. The design of the peg ensures that there's a 20mm gap below the top where the thread ends. This gap allows the collar to move freely, enabling your dog to move comfortably within the leash's reach. The rubber safety spring in the kit has a bit of flexibility when pulled on. This feature ensures a gentle give in the leash, preventing abrupt jerks or pulls.

The Pet Restraint Kit is perfect for use in caravan parks, campsites, and parks, the Pet Restraint Kit ensures that your furry companion stays safely confined while you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

>> Buy Pet Restraint Kit <<

About Outback Tracks

Outback Tracks is an Australian owned, Queensland based family business. All products invented and created by Outback Tracks come from a personal need to make Caravanning and Camping easier and more comfortable. All Outback Tracks products are high quality and stand the test of time.

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