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Looking for a Reversing Camera?

Carvision Reversing Cameras

Reversing a caravan, often considered ‘the Everest of caravanning challenges’, has long been a source of anxiety for even the most seasoned travellers. The mere thought of navigating tight spaces, avoiding unseen obstacles, and ensuring a precise parking job can turn a picturesque adventure into a nerve-wracking disaster. It makes it even worse if the whole campground is there to witness your stress and give good (but unsolicited) advice on how to do a better job.

Carac offers a range of wireless Reversing Cameras that make this anxiety a problem of the past. Our Carvision cameras effortlessly simplify the task of parking your caravan in tight spots or securing a prime location at a Caravan Park. Say goodbye to the hassles of hand signals and disagreements that often accompany the beginning or end of each holiday.

Carvision Reversing Camera

Available Models

The wireless Carvision Reversing Camera comes in a 5" and 7" model. For the 5” model, you can choose between one or two cameras with the second camera being a number plate style option. The 7" model can connect up to 4 FHD cameras, powered up through any 12V-24V source, reverse or park light.

Check out all models here.


Carvision Benefits

  • Wireless Clarity: With modern wireless technology, these cameras now provide a reliable picture with all of the clarity that was once only available in a hard wired format.
  • On-site Fitment: We provide on-site fitment by our auto electrician in our Carac workshop.
  • Easy To Use: The camera is installed at the back of your caravan and connected to the caravan's parking light system, allowing you to easily activate it by turning on your parking lights. The monitor is suction mounted to your car's windscreen and simply plugs into your car's accessory socket.
  • Digital Signal: Carvision utilises Digital 2.4GHz signal, avoiding potential interferences from devices like WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Cost Competitive: The fitting process is cost-effective since it requires no vehicle wiring and minimal caravan wiring, making the entire project more budget-friendly.
  • Built in DVR function: The Digital Monitor has a built in DVR function which gives you the option to record your journey or any incidents that may occur whilst driving.

Available online and instore!

Come into the store today and see our range of three models covering various screen sizes and even multiple camera setups if you would like to add a camera to the rear of the car as well. We are located at 2 Zenith Road, Dandenong South VIC.

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