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Exploring Water and Waste Solutions for Caravans

Water Solutions at Carac

We are extremely proud to offer an extensive range of caravan and camping accessories here at Carac. One of the areas we are particularly well equipped is RV water management and plumbing. 

Our extensive range of products includes hoses, fittings, filters and storage bags, all engineered to optimise your water and sullage management solutions on the road.

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Water Hoses

Carac’s range of Caravan accessories covers all areas of the camping experience.  Take water hook up for example, we carry 10 metre and 20 metre hoses both with and without fitted connections, for those of you who would like to add your own specific water fittings.

All of our water supply hoses are made of food grade compounds and as a result, do not exhibit or add taste to the water being used.

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Carac has one of the biggest ranges of the well known John Guest water fittings to get the job done quickly!  Offering a wide range of push-fit connectors, tube and flow control products.  Stuck for what you need?  The team at Carac will talk you through the best option for your set up.

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Water filters

To add to that we carry the B.E.S.T water filters part no’s 322B, 322H, 322HB which are charcoal activated as one would expect, but also have two Silver bacteria filters built in which kill off bacteria both as the water enters the filter and as it exits after having been treated by the charcoal canister within.  We stock other great filters from Water Filters Australia, Puretec & Biomagic.

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Waste Water (sullage) hoses and fittings

We also carry waste water hoses and fittings in the four common sizes 25mm, 27mm, 32mm and 38mm for Caravans with washing machines & sinks.

Our waste hoses are top quality items which are lined internally so are completely smooth, this allows food scraps to be flushed straight through the hose and away into the waste drain, this means no more need to flush out your waste hose after each trip.

These days many caravans are fitted out with waste tanks,  we carry all the common hose adaptors and fittings to configure your waste hose pretty well any way you want it to be.

Talking about waste hoses, a great tip is to purchase a 10 metre waste hose and cut it off at a 4 metre length, that gives you a 4 metre hose, a 6 metre hose and with one of our adaptors you can re-join the two pieces and you have a 10 metre hose again, this will cater for most of your camping requirements.

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Flat Out International Hoses

If you want the latest & greatest in the industry then you need to see the great range of Flat Out drinking water and sullage hoses & reels.  These beauties save you time and space with their unique flat design making setup an absolute breeze. The colour schemes will make you the envy of the park.

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Hose storage bags

Finally, we carry hose storage bags in three different brands that will carry all of the above, we even have a Carac branded range, which has proven to be very popular in caravan parks across the country, these have a very good vent section built in allowing the hose to dry out over time.

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Come in and check us out at Carac 2 Zenith Road, Dandenong South, or online at, our friendly knowledgeable staff are only too happy to share their knowledge with you.

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