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AU Focus Diesel Heater FAQ

All Your Au Focus Diesel Heater Questions AnsweredAs the go-to heating solution for many caravan and RV enthusiasts, AU Focus Diesel Heaters have earned a reputation for their reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Whether you’re new to diesel heaters or considering an upgrade, we’ve compiled the top inquiries from our customers to help you better understand these indispensable devices. From installation tips to maintenance advice, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find answers to all your questions and ensure your next adventure is warm and comfortable!

How much fuel do the AU Focus diesel heaters use, and what size tank will I need?

The AU Focus unit consumes between 100 and 300 m/ltr per hour depending on the environment temperature it is being operated in.

The standard 5L fuel tank supplied with the unit will provide a minimum of 16 hours of continuous operation under high load conditions which could extend out to approximately 50 hours when the external temperature difference is not as severe.

AU Focus also offer a 9.5L version of their stainless steel tank and also have the same style Black checker plate cover to match as is available for the 5L version.



Can I install the unit myself and do they come with everything I need to do so?

The unit comes with a very comprehensive installation manual and all the bits and pieces one should need to perform the installation.

AU Focus also offer an additional kit of parts to help with the installation, which includes a set of three hole saws specific to the size of each of the hoses used by the heater, a tube of flame resistant silicon, an additional mounting ring if required to protect the floor of the vehicle if necessary, a fuel line cutting tool so the fuel line is not crushed during the installation, cable joiners if required and 7, 8, and 10 mm magnetic sockets needed to tighten all of the fittings.


AU Focus Installation Kit 2KW Heater


What are the benefits of the AU Focus Bluetooth model?

The Bluetooth model offers the convenience of Bluetooth operation via your mobile device, this is as well as normal push button operation directly from the control panel.

AU Focus Caravan Diesel Heater 12V 2KW Includes Tank     AU Focus Caravan Bluetooth Diesel Heater 12V 2KW Includes Tank

Does the AU Focus heater come with an adjustable/directional hot air vent?

The heat outlet vent will rotate 360 degrees so can be aimed in any direction. Please note that the vent should never be aimed at the floor as the heat coming straight out of the vent is sufficient to soften and eventually damage the lino covering on the floor!

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Are the AU Focus heaters nice & quiet?

The fan noise the heater produces is at its loudest point when the heater is working hard to get the cabin temperature up to the setting you have chosen, once that temperature is reached, the fan calms down and is quiet.  Note - all heaters go through the same process to achieve the desired temperature and the AU Focus certainly isn’t noisy while going through these motions.

The other noise that is produced by a Diesel heater is the sound of the fuel pump working, this is a ticking sound if you are close to the pump but as the pump comes with a rubber mount and is installed under the van and not in the living space, you are unlikely to hear the pump from inside the caravan while in operation.  

Will the AU Focus heaters fit in my van?

The AU Focus fits in almost all Caravans and Campers but this can vary a little when fitting the unit to a large or small motorhome. In this situation we would normally recommend the customer to bring their motorhome into our workshop so we can inspect the vehicle to see if an installation is possible.

What maintenance is required for the AU Focus heaters?

Diesel Heaters are virtually maintenance free and only really require running them once or twice "at a fairly hot burn rate" for half an hour through the summer months.

Can you get spare parts for the AU Focus heaters?

Carac stock an excellent spare parts range from AU Focus who support their product very well.

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Do the AU Focus diesel heaters smell?

All diesel heaters have an odour of diesel fuel around the tank, the pump and associated plumbing but as all of these are outside and under the vehicle there is no smell inside the caravan.

Can I purchase an additional length of exhaust pipe for the AU Focus heater?

The spare parts range covers additional lengths of exhaust pipe in 60cm or 120cm lengths plus many other spare parts including additional ducting pipe and fittings, all available at the Carac store or online at Carac.

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