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Glenn Moyle
Store Manager

Glenn is our Store Manager and has been Retail Manager for approximately 35 years of his working career, Glenn also has a background in Electronics which transformed into a passion for audio many years ago, this lead to the design and construction of many made to order audio components for those seeking a one off specialty product or item, some of the items designed and built were 2 channel class A and AB audio amplifiers, Direct line Pre Amplifiers, multi channel volume control systems for home theatre applications and various other one off items.

Glenn has been the Carac Store Manager and the Service Manager for a little over two years and has been involved in the Caravan Service industry for approximately 10 years now.

Glenn’s background also includes low voltage electrical systems such as Solar, Batteries, Regulators and Inverters etc, so if you're thinking about upgrades or changes to your Caravan, Glenn will be more than happy to help you calculate your requirements, or just discuss the options.

Glenn has been a caravan owner and enthusiast for 3 decades and is happy to discuss all aspects of this recreational lifestyle, so if you would like some help or an opinion on an idea you might have or some advise on an upgrade, come into Carac and bend his ear.